Fuzzy's Pizza
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Welcome to Fuzzy's Pizza

An authentic Italian Pizzeria. In 1995, Fuzzys Pizza® began sharing the Italian way of preparing meals and pizzas in Katy, Texas. Today, our chefs still expertly bake each of our pizzas and offer you continuous excellence in service.

We invite you to enjoy the delicious preparations of our chefs along with our award-winning pizzas, authentic Italian side dishes.

A few tips that make Fuzzys Pizza Katy the best.

Fuzzys Pizza Most Pizza Places
1. Old fashioned pizza ovens. 1. Conveyor Ovens
2. Fresh Dough made daily. 2. Frozen Dough
3. 100% Real Cheese. 3. We don't know?
4. Fresh Ingredients. 4. Kept in the coolers for a long time.
5. Homemade Tomato Sauce. 5. Homemade tomato sauce in CANS.
6. Same Owner, Same Management. 6. Franchised.

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